SMS Read More WP Plugin

Use this plugin to monetize wordpress blog content using Fortumo SMS services. You can hide content of your pages or posts. Instead of the hidden content, user is shown a message about the action he has to take to be able to see the content (he has to send SMS message to short number, defined in your SMS service and to enter password they get in reply message).

For this plugin to work, you need to open Fortumo SMS service (it is free, use this link and get 5€ starting capital), and create your SMS service (instructions here). With the plugin, you will get instructions how to connect SMS Read More and your Fortumo SMS service.

Plugin features:

  • Post/Page can be set to contain hidden content (text/pictures/video etc.). You can hide just part or all the content
  • Instead of the hidden content, user is shown message sending instructions, and input field for password
  • Administrator can set password expiry time
  • Administrator can choose style for message sending instruction
  • Administrator can define will password be valid for all protected posts/pages or just one of them (so user need to send message for every post/page separately)
  • It is simple to protect page/post content:just one click on button in editor

Plugin demo: DEMO. You can buy this plugin here.